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This is why You need a Car Solutions Expert Report:

It is important that you present your case in the best possible light. Your view will be opposed by the

other side. A Expert Report, is and must be Independent. Just as important it must be correctly phrased.

Car Solutions provides you with an INDEPENDANT and QUALITY Expert Report. Bellow, you can see

what a poor Expert Report can look like! Beware of cheap reports and Experts that lack experience.


An actual NCAT Determination - the full official report can be sent for your viewing.

Mr XXXX Report is not persuasive. I found his Report unsatisfactory in several respects: 
the Report uses derogatory and offensive language which is usually not found in a carefully 
crafted  expert report setting out methodology, opinions and reasons, such as "laughable", how 
he was "shocked", and "clear as mud" to select a few examples.  He engaged in a personal 
criticism of Mr Kannen at [6.1]; and he referred to Mr Kannen's opinion as an "accusation" [8.1].  
In 39 years litigation experience in the NSW State Courts and the Federal Court of Australia I 
have never seen an expert report using such language. I find that the language and style of the 
Report shows that it was written by Mr XXXXX in the role of an advocate for the respondents 
rather than as an independent expert with a primary duty to assist the Tribunal.  
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