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at the Customer said:

Riz said: "Your report helped us a lot in winning the case (or get an out of court settlement). In the first hearing we didn't table your report, so our arguments were not given any weight. After your report was submitted as evidence (name withheld) agreed to settle out of court for more than the price of the car. Regards Riz R.
(Full name can be supplied.)

Another Customer said:

Hi Erich,

I went to the VCAT last week on Tuesday (in February 2019) with the car dealership, and won most of my money back, not all but all said and done, I am very happy with their decision.

I am sure your report was a significant piece of information in the VCAT members decision.


Jono MCConnell

What the Tribunal said:

The applicant submitted a an expert report dated 28/5/14 prepared in accordance with the Tribunals' code of conduct by Erich Kannen . The Tribunal considered the report well prepared and presented. Mr. Kannen also attended the Tribunal and gave evidence. His report and evidence were impressive and the Tribunal considered his evidence to be persuasive in support of the applicants claim. 

(Paragraph 8. a copy of the report is available on request).

Be prepared for Civil & Administrative Tribunal, Family, AFCA or Court proceedings

This is the final step for a consumer to get inexpensive justice. To keep the cost to a minimum, legal representation is not permitted. The hearing whilst conducted in accordance with the law is held in a largely informal way.

The most important part of the hearing is to present your case in a manner acceptable to the Tribunal and in a manner that convinces the Tribunal that you have a valid case. You need proof, not just your own opinion. You are permitted and in fact usualy encouraged to engage an Expert. The Expert is to provide independent advice to the Tribunal, that is to asssist the Tribunal to reach a fair decision. Car Solutions has provided Expert opinions and advice to consumers and Tribunals for many years.

It is in your interest to be well prepared and to make a strong case in order to succeed. That is where we can help.

The Tribunal encourages the applicant (you) to bring the Expert along to the Final Hearing so that further information can be obtained should this be necessary.

You should be aware that many applications fail, often because of the relatively poor presentation of the case by the applicant. If your case is not worth the fee, it is not worth pursuing the matter at the NCAT!

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