Driving without insurance can be very expensive

Car Solutions gets regular calls from people that are involved in accidents but had no insurance. Third party property insurance is essential. It covers the other car if you are at fault. The owner of the car or the insurer of the car will come after you to compensate them for the repair cost. 

Common mistakes people make:

  1. They ignore the reality and wait until the debt collector calls. By that time it's too late asking for help.
  2. It is best to immediately accept responsibility and manage the problem.
  3. Asking for three quotes, accepting the lowest is a good start.
  4. If the other party does not co-operate seek outside help.
  5. Perhaps a legal professional? Costly but it may save you money.
  6. Ask Car Solutions to inspect the car to insure only the damage that relates to your accident is included in the cost of the repair.
  7. Car Solutions can help by proving expert opinions and assessments that stand up in court. 
  8. The longer the delay the more difficult the job to refute the assertions of the other party.
  9. Be proactive, rather than reactive.
  10. Car Solutions normally can help, its much cheaper than what a lawyer would charge and sometime mire effective.


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