Do you inspect cars on weekends or after hours?

Yes - we inspect 7 days a week, during day light hours.

Invest a little now to avoid losing a lot later!

What happens if you cannot test drive the vehicle for some reason?

We will, if possible get the seller to drive and closely observe as passenger whether there are any issues with changing gears and we will listen for abnormal noises etc.

Where the car is not registered or insured we will best we can check the gearbox and clutch without driving. In any case we will make note of such situation and you should take that into consideration before buying the vehicle. We would not recommend to ever buy a vehicle you have not driven your self.

What is your refund policy?

Once an inspection has commenced there are no refunds. Once we have commenced travelling to an inspection there may be a travelling fee applicable. It is best to refer to the specific condition of booking an inspection for full details.

Can you provide a valuation for the car?

Yes we can. It will be a value specific for the car inspected (as opposed to a general “Red Book” price). Our Principal has the industry knowledge to do so.

Will you perform a compression test?

In theory we could, but we do not. Sellers usually do not give permission for us to remove parts off or from their car. A compression test requires the removal of the spark plugs. There are a number of “Tell tale” signs that provide us with what we and you need to know, whilst not as accurate it is sufficient to assess whether an issue or problem exists.

What notice do you require to perform an inspection?

All inspections are Guaranteed to be completed on the same day (within a 24 hour period), provided of course the seller makes the car available to us.

Do you do a Finance (PPSR) check?

Yes we can - but no Guarantee.

Can I call the Inspector if I have any questions?

Yes- no problem, any time between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

What if the car gets sold before the Inspection?

Check booking conditions for details.

How long does an inspection take?

Depending on circumstances time varies, including travelling time and sending the report we allow 2-3 hours.

Do I have to be present at the inspection?

No - you do not. But, you may if you wish.

How can I pay for your service?

By Master and Visa Credit Cards, Electronic Fund Transfer or Cash.

Do you inspect Motor Homes, Caravans and Campervans?

Yes we do.

Do you inspect light and Heavy Trucks?

We inspect Light Trucks and Assess for Heavy Trucks. Our principal served his apprenticeship on Cummins powered heavy trucks. Please request more details on the difference between an inspection and assessment.

Do you inspect all Makes of cars?

Yes, we do.

Why us?

Because we have more experience than anyone else. Our Principal has been in the business for over 35 years. Ask what would a mechanic know about Paint and Panel repairs? It’s a completely separate trade. What would a Panel Beater or Mechanic know about the electronics of a car. Auto Electricians are specialised trades people. What would an Auto Electricians, Panel Beater or Mechanic know about the value of a car? The answer is nothing. On the other hand our Principal was Managing Director of several large Motor Dealerships where he employed mechanics, panel beaters and auto electricians as well as Valuers. By the way he is also a qualified motor mechanic.

How does the Process work?

We only need the Phone number of the seller, the name would be good, but is not necessary. We contact the seller, informing him or her that you have requested a pre purchase inspection and then arrange a mutually convenient time.

If the inspection time is more than 24 hours away we will inform you by SMS with the actual time.

Immediately after completion of the inspection we email the report to you and inform you by SMS that the report is there for you to view.

The report includes the phone number of the inspector and we recommend you view the report and then call with any questions.

We will debit your Credit Card with the agreed fee on the day, after the inspection is completed.

What is actually being checked during a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

We inspect everything that can reasonably be seen without the removal of panels or parts. Basically we check the vehicle from the front bumper to the rear bar and from the bottom of the tyres (we check the depth of tread) to the top of the roof (we even check the paint and roof bars if fitted) and most things in between, including the engine. The exception is where a Mechanical or Paint n' Panel Inspection only is requested.